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Notable: Culture and compressibility

less than 1 minute read

Notable paper: Tamariz, Monica and Simon Kirby. 2015. Culture: Copying, Compression, and Conventionality. Cognitive Science 39:171-183. doi:10.1111/cogs.12144

Neandertals lacked mental eminence

6 minute read

If you care about Neandertal behavior and haven’t read this 2004 article by John Speth, you really should treat yourself: “News flash: Negative evidence conv...

Primate extractive foraging and tool use

4 minute read

An important difference among some primate species is their ability to get foods that are hidden or protected by natural defenses. A little cleverness may yi...

Crows hate cavemen

less than 1 minute read

Stephanie Pappas reports on experiments with social learning in crows.

Boas goes low

3 minute read

While researching another question, I have been reviewing some Franz Boas. In 1936, American Anthropologist ran a piece by Alfred Kroeber which reviewed some...

Jebel Faya and early-stage reduction

9 minute read

Simon Armitage and colleagues Armitage:2011 describe archaeological remains from Jebel Faya, in the United Arab Emirates. The assemblages come from a rock sh...

Babies and dominance

1 minute read

I have a reader chock full of articles from this week’s Science. One that I found interesting may not get a lot of attention: “Big and Mighty: Preverbal Infa...

Robot genetics

4 minute read

Dario Floreano and Laurent Keller describe experiments that combine genetic algorithms and robots. It’s a review essay rather than a description of new resea...

Not the parrot sketch

2 minute read

The New Yorker has a fascinating article about Irene Pepperberg and the way people are grieving over her deceased parrot, Alex: