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Selection and lactase persistence

3 minute read

I received a letter about lactase persistence that motivated me to a fairly long reply; I thought I would share the question and answer:

Lactase persistence in review

1 minute read

Nature this week has a nice news article about the evolution of lactase persistence by Andrew Curry: “Archaeology: The milk revolution”. The article discusse...

Cheesy evidence

1 minute read

I’m totally socked in with work this week, but this new paper in Nature is an interesting piece of archaeological chemistry relevant to diet change in the Eu...

Link parade, 2

3 minute read

Ben Phelan at Slate writes about the recent evolution of lactase persistence: “The Most Spectacular Mutation in Recent Human History”.

Anthropology 105, lecture 13: Milk

less than 1 minute read

Technical issues caused me to miss lecture 12, which was about metaphyses and the growth of the skeleton, as cues for life history evolution.

Mailbag: Exaptation and standing variation

1 minute read

This may sound like a dumb question, but I am trying to understand the difference between selection on standing variation and the concept of exaptation. They...