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Bernard Wood interviewed in Current Biology

1 minute read

A recent issue of Current Biology has a short interview with paleoanthropologist Bernard Wood: “Bernard Wood”. The interview covers his transition from a tra...

To fish or not to fish

5 minute read

This summer I pointed to an article about the FwJj20 locality at Koobi Fora, which provides the earliest known evidence of systematic fish exploitation in th...

The fish of Koobi Fora

2 minute read

A number of papers related to the hominin exploitation of aquatic resources are appearing soon in the Journal of Human Evolution. Two of these in the early o...

Koobi Fora perspectives

2 minute read

I’m in Kansas and my internet is spottier here than it was in Africa. So I have a bunch of thoughts about the new Koobi Fora fossils published by Maeve Leake...


less than 1 minute read

Today’s sketchbook:

African Homo erectus

less than 1 minute read

This station includes several casts of early fossil Homo erectus, from the Early Pleistocene of Africa. These include:

Meet Homo habilis

less than 1 minute read

This station has several of the key cranial specimens of Homo habilis, together with Sts 5, the representative of Australopithecus africanus. The H. habilis ...

Aging juvenile fossil hominins

1 minute read

The fossil record is not made up only of adults. We have abundant skeletal evidence from juvenile individuals of a broad range of ages. At this station you w...

Statures of fossil Homo

1 minute read

Homo erectus and Neandertals were more or less human-sized. That may not be saying much, since we are so variable in stature ourselves.

Nutcracker Man debunked

5 minute read

This week, Thure Cerling and colleagues report in PNAS (2011) carbon stable isotope data from 24 specimens of Australopithecus boisei. This is a huge sample ...

Fishy story from Koobi Fora

7 minute read

I have to credit a reader for that headline, and for forwarding the paper. It’s another case of the infamous PNAS release policy. The press that came from th...

Malapa and the "problem" skull KNM-ER 1813

6 minute read

The announcement of the Malapa skeletons has many of us going back to descriptions of early Homo. After the paper by Berger and colleagues came out last mont...

Paleoecology at Hadar

3 minute read

The coming attractions bin at Journal of Human Evolution includes a paper by Kaye Reed, reviewing the evidence of paleoenvironment in the Hadar formation:

Man bites dog

6 minute read

Appropriate to yesterday's post about the hypothesis of a Eurasian-African clade distinction in early humans, is today's paper from Fred Spoor, Meave Leakey...

New Year's predictions, 2007 edition

4 minute read

It's a hazardous business, making predictions -- all the moreso because New Year's predictions have a deadline. If they don't happen this year, well, that's...

A revised chronology for early Homo

6 minute read

In case you haven't been paying attention, the chronology of early African Homo has been completely turned upside-down this year. Well, "upside-down" isn't ...

Tilting at absent Asian australopithecines

10 minute read

In Nature a couple of weeks ago, Robin Dennell and Wil Roebroeks had a provocative paper exploring the possibility that early humans (i.e. Homo erectus) ori...

Leakey interview in Der Spiegel

2 minute read

Der Spiegel is running an interview with Richard Leakey, noted paleoanthropologist and conservationist. The interview covers the Kenya elephant population, ...