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Crete: Pleistocene port of call?

1 minute read

Bruce Bower reports on excavations by Thomas Strasser on the Mediterranean island of Crete: “Ancient hominids may have been seafarers”.

The bad side of island life

3 minute read

It’s not news that island populations are vulnerable to invasion by alien competitors and predators. A new study by Helena Berglund and colleagues in America...

Essay on the island rule

1 minute read

The web site for the Hobbit episode of Nova has opened. It let’s you e-mail questions for Mike Morwood, features some graphics with endocast scans and some v...

When disease strikes an island species

1 minute read

Jennifer Viegas writes an interesting story about a new study that shows the extinction of Christmas Island rats was driven by black rat diseases:

Weed species (part 1)

12 minute read

This is the first in a series of essays titled, "Practical Evolution." Here are links to the whole series and the series introduction. I've decided to break ...