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Link parade, 2

3 minute read

Ben Phelan at Slate writes about the recent evolution of lactase persistence: “The Most Spectacular Mutation in Recent Human History”.

Quote: Jerison on animal intelligence

1 minute read

Harry Jerison, famous researcher of brain sizes across classes and orders of animals, commented on the relation of “encephalization” to the intelligence of a...

A debate: information overload?

1 minute read

If you’re looking for a way to waste your time today, you might check out The Economist’s online debate, which focuses on the question of whether the world i...

IQ, brain size and genetics in children

3 minute read

Dienekes points to a study by Marieke van Leeuwen and colleagues, in which they assess the phenotypic correlation between IQ and brain volume in a sample of ...

Working out how smart brains work

1 minute read

Scientific American Mind has an interesting article in the September issue, called “High-aptitude minds”. The article ponders explanations for how smart brai...

Numbers, Amazon-style

3 minute read

In last week’s Science, Stanislas Dehaene and colleagues describe the relation of cultural invention to “universal intuition” about mathematical logic:

Intelligence in the age of the internet

1 minute read

CNET is running a series of articles on the kind of intelligence required for the world of changing technology. The first installment starts thusly:

Will Mozart make you smarter?

2 minute read

As the new semester gets underway, it's a good time to think of ways to improve all those assignments I will soon be reading. Few are as pain-free as listen...

Gene linkages with IQ

4 minute read

A paper by Danielle Posthuma and colleagues (2005) reports on a map survey of the human genome looking for loci that may be linked to IQ. They find two sign...

Deep, dark secrets of his and her brains

1 minute read

An article of that title by Robert Lee Hotz of the LA Times is on the Yahoo News site. It is a profile of neuroscientist Sandra Witelson (McMaster Universit...

Lifting all boats

16 minute read

James R. Flynn is a social scientist at the University of Otago, New Zealand. Beginning in 1981, Flynn performed a series of statistical analyses on the res...