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Zebra stripes and flies

1 minute read

A fun story by Ed Yong in The Atlantic looks at an experiment that put horses in zebra suits to test whether the stripes confound biting flies: “The Surprisi...

Why are biology classes ignoring insects?

2 minute read

A new content analysis of college biology textbooks finds that they have changed over the years to focus less and less on insects: A “College Textbooks Large...

Pointing to entomophagy

less than 1 minute read

Julie Lesnik is a biological anthropologist who has done a lot of research on insect consumption, by ancient hominins, living humans and living non-human pri...

Hiding above the dinosaurs

1 minute read

The early bin at PNAS has a cool, short paper by Yongjie Wang and colleagues, which matches a ginkgo tree with its insect mimic Wang:mimicry:2012. The cool p...

Butterfly genetic theft

2 minute read

The Heliconius butterfly genome paper Dasmahapatra:2012 is supercool for many reasons. Most important from my point of view is the attention to introgression...

Reflecting on Nabokov

3 minute read

Carl Zimmer yesterday had a NY Times article about some new genetic work on butterflies – the interesting thing was that the work vindicated a scenario for N...

Inclusive fitness works

2 minute read

I can’t believe the amount of attention the paper by Martin Nowak, Corina Tarnita and Edward O. Wilson Nowak:eusociality:2010 has gotten. It was in last week...

Ant magnetism

less than 1 minute read

Strike “compass” off the list of human inventions not shared with ants:


less than 1 minute read

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