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"I would run screaming away"

2 minute read

This is such an incredible story about the “Clovis comet” hypothesis, I don’t know where to start: “Comet Theory Comes Crashing to Earth”.


less than 1 minute read

I was talking about the Yellowstone series of eruptions with students the other day. Along those lines, this news item from Michael Reilly is interesting:

"Obviously [spores] are not nanodiamonds"

1 minute read

John Roach reports on the latest episode in the Younger Dryas impact scenario: “Fungi, Feces Show Comet Didn’t Kill Ice Age Mammals?” A key piece of evidence...

Shaken by a monkey-maker

1 minute read

The end of the Eocene was a rough time for a lot of Earth’s flora and fauna – it is recognized as a major extinction event, the Grande Coupure. Substantial g...

Flying rock skepticism

less than 1 minute read reports on new work by François Paquay and colleagues that casts more doubt on the Younger Dryas impact event (“The Clovis comet that wasn’t...

The Younger Dryas impact fizzle?

4 minute read

In 2007, R. B. Firestone and colleagues published evidence of an extraterrestrial impact, roughly coincident with the onset of the cold climate event known a...