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The bison bone bed at Gran Dolina

4 minute read

In an earlier post, I looked at work by Mark White, Paul Pettitt, and Danielle Schreve, which considered evidence for Neandertal prey selectivity at five sit...

Neandertal slaughters

6 minute read

Back in 2016, Mark White, Paul Pettitt and Danielle Schreve published an interesting analysis in which they compared how Neandertals hunted and butchered ani...

Did hominins associate with antelopes?

2 minute read

Last summer in the South African Journal of Science, faunal specialist Shaw Badenhorst published a short commentary with an interesting question for early ho...

Notable: Ballistic study of hafted points

1 minute read

Notable paper: Wilkins J, Schoville BJ, Brown KS (2014) An Experimental Investigation of the Functional Hypothesis and Evolutionary Advantage of Stone-Tipped...

Notable: Neandertal rock dove hunting

less than 1 minute read

Notable paper: Blasco, R., Finlayson, C., Rosell, J., Marco, A.S., Finlayson, S., Finlayson, G., Negro, J.J., Pacheco, F. G., Vidal, J. R. (2014) The earlies...

Throwing out hypotheses about throwing

5 minute read

Neil Roach and colleagues have written a paper in Nature this week about the role of elastic energy storage in human throwing Roach:elastic:2013. I like the ...

Oldowan hunting behaviors at Kanjera South

6 minute read

Joseph Ferraro and colleagues have done some neat analyses of the faunal remains from Kanjera South, Kenya Ferraro:carnivory:2013. Kanjera South is an archae...

Behavior of the first North African humans

2 minute read

Mohamed Sahnouni and colleagues describe the archaeology of El-Kherba, Algeria. Sahnouni:2013. This locality is a paleontological exposure associated with th...

Evidence of hunting at Olduvai Gorge

1 minute read

My University of Wisconsin colleague Henry Bunn got some press this weekend for his presentation at the European Society for Human Evolution meeting: “Humans...

Reindeer hides and Neandertals

1 minute read

In reference to the post below about Quina Mousterian and reindeer specialization (“Paleoclimate and shifting Neandertal strategies”), let me add this great ...

Bone of the victim mastodon

1 minute read

Michael Waters and colleagues Waters:Manis:2011 report on the date of a mastodon kill site from Manis, Washington. At 13,800 years old, it’s not the earliest...

Tracking endurance

1 minute read

Outside magazine has a long article (“Fair Chase”) describing how some running enthusiasts recruited world-class marathoners to try to run down a pronghorn i...

Neandertal stories on parade

4 minute read

Long-time science journalist Robin McKie has a long article in The Observer about the Neandertals this weekend: “Neanderthals: how needles and skins gave us ...

Just ducky

2 minute read

A week or two ago, I was pointed by a press release to some recent research from Bolomor Cave, Spain, where the levels occupied by early/pre-Neandertals have...

A Snowdrift game version of hunting

5 minute read

I want to run through some examples of how we can apply game theory to consider hunting decisions in human groups. First, I describe a simple Snowdrift model...

Mammoth "luau-style"

less than 1 minute read

Jennifer Viegas wrote yesterday about excavations at Pavlov VI:

First dogs in Aurignacian?

1 minute read

I haven’t seen this paper, so can’t comment on the results, but the story is worth passing along:

Bonobo monkey hunting

1 minute read

Martin Surbeck and Gottfried Hohmann report in Current Biology that bonobos hunt monkeys, like chimpanzees.

Neandertal diet was not dolphin-safe

8 minute read

Chris Stringer and colleagues (including Finlayson and Barton) have a paper in the current PNAS early bin describing Neandertal exploitation of marine mammal...

Buller on mental adaptations

11 minute read

I'm reading through David Buller's Adapting Minds : Evolutionary Psychology and the Persistent Quest for Human Nature. It's a back-burner read for me; I pic...