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Popularity of hominin species names

2 minute read

I was curious about the use of Homo ergaster over time. It seems to me that fewer and fewer paleoanthropologists have been using it over the last few years. ...

The new skull from Dmanisi

19 minute read

It smells like ashes. Holding it and examining it is really not like the other fossil crania I’ve studied. The other Dmanisi crania strike me as being very l...

Koobi Fora perspectives

2 minute read

I’m in Kansas and my internet is spottier here than it was in Africa. So I have a bunch of thoughts about the new Koobi Fora fossils published by Maeve Leake...


less than 1 minute read

Today’s sketchbook:

Snapshots of the science

7 minute read

The new Human Origins hall at the American Museum is the occasion for a big Newsweek story, with the tagline, "The New Science of Human Evolution". Author S...

A revised chronology for early Homo

6 minute read

In case you haven't been paying attention, the chronology of early African Homo has been completely turned upside-down this year. Well, "upside-down" isn't ...

Dmanisi in National Geographic

1 minute read

The article in the April 2005 National Geographic about Dmanisi has some interesting details that have not been made public before. The feature of the artic...

Dental growth in early Homo

3 minute read

Dean and colleagues (2001) present a study of perikymata counts of anterior teeth (incisors and canines) in early humans and australopithecines, compared to...