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Rising Star open science profile

1 minute read

Ars Technica has a very nice long profile of the Rising Star project by Lydia Pyne: “Rising Star found a new species—now it wants to find a new way for paleo...

BRICS leaders meet Homo naledi

1 minute read

Last week, the leaders of the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) met in a joint summit in Johannesburg, South Africa, along with ...

Lichens did not grow on Homo naledi

4 minute read

Earlier this summer, Francis Thackeray published a short paper in the South African Journal of Science suggesting that lichens had deposited manganese upon t...

A synopsis of our Homo naledi symposium

less than 1 minute read

American Scientist kindly invited me to write up a synopsis of our session on the biology of Homo naledi at the AAPA meetings in April. The article is now on...

Deliberate deposition and Homo naledi

3 minute read

Earlier this spring, the Journal of Human Evolution published a commentary questioning our team’s interpretation of taphonomic evidence from the Dinaledi Cha...

Hominin species and time in peer review

14 minute read

In 2015, two new hominin species were published: Australopithecus deyiremeda and Homo naledi. One of the criticisms I’ve seen of both discoveries is the idea...

Link: Lee Berger interviewed in Nautilus

less than 1 minute read

Nautilus is running a nice interview with Lee Berger about Homo naledi and other things: “The Man Who Used Facebook to Find an Extinct Human Species”.

Anonymous sexism in paleoanthropology

8 minute read

Seems like every week, someone writes an article drawing attention to a new episode of sexism in science. Today it’s my turn to shine a light on this issue.

Link: Announcement of Homo naledi

less than 1 minute read

Last week Lee Berger and our team announced the first series of findings from the Rising Star Expedition and subsequent analyses of the hominin fossil remain...