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New species of hominin from Luzon

5 minute read

The online journal Sapiens invited me to write up my thoughts about the announcement of Homo luzonensis yesterday. I do have more to say about this cool disc...

Link: The discovery story of the LB1 skeleton

less than 1 minute read

Paige Madison pointed me today to her post from 2015 recounting the discovery of the LB1 skeleton, from Liang Bua, Flores: “The Moment the Hobbit was Discove...

Hominin remains from Mata Menge, Flores

12 minute read

I was really excited yesterday to read about the work of Gerrit van den Bergh and colleagues at Mata Menge, where they have uncovered hominin fossil remains ...

Mike Morwood obituary

1 minute read

Kate Wong notes the death of Mike Morwood, archaeologist, rock art expert, and co-discoverer of the Liang Bua people commonly known as the “hobbits”:

Hobbits hobbled

less than 1 minute read

The Guardian reports, “Hobbit banned as title of lecture on prehistoric ‘hobbit’”. The event in question was organized at Victoria University in New Zealand ...


less than 1 minute read

I have to point to Robert Krulwich’s blog post, “Killer Storks Eat Human Babies”, about the giant extinct Maribou stork relatives of Flores.

Hobbit DNA hunt

1 minute read

Every so often, a reader asks me if I know any new rumors about DNA sampling of “Homo floresiensis”. I’m not holding out much hope for success given the trop...

A foot short

4 minute read

A single foot bone from a cave isn’t ordinarily very remarkable. But when it’s a funny-looking foot bone from a 67,000-year-old site on an island, that gets ...


less than 1 minute read

Today’s sketchbook:

The Denisova mtDNA sequence: The X-Woman

9 minute read

In this week’s copy of Nature, Johannes Krause and colleagues Krause:Denisova:2010 report on the complete mitochondrial sequence of a pinky bone from Denisov...

Earlier arrival of stone tools on Flores

2 minute read

A new paper is pushing back the time of initial occupation of Flores by hominins to at least 1.0 million years ago. Adam Brumm and colleagues (2010) are repo...

Stony Brook Flores symposium online

less than 1 minute read

A reader writes to let me know that the talks from the Stony Brook symposium on the Flores hominids are now available for streaming. I haven’t had a chance t...

The Hobbit Nova: "Alien from Earth"

11 minute read

I’m sitting down in front of the TV to live-blog the Nova episode on the Flores fossils, “Alien from Earth.” It has the typical Nova high production values. ...

Essay on the island rule

1 minute read

The web site for the Hobbit episode of Nova has opened. It let’s you e-mail questions for Mike Morwood, features some graphics with endocast scans and some v...

Hobbit Nova coming November 11

less than 1 minute read

On November 11, NOVA will present a new hour-long documentary on the hobbits, briefly described at the PBS website:

The Liang Bua debate, continued

8 minute read

Note: I wrote this post in 2005. We have learned much since then about the context of the Liang Bua fossils and archaeological record. These have changed the...