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Popularity of hominin species names

2 minute read

I was curious about the use of Homo ergaster over time. It seems to me that fewer and fewer paleoanthropologists have been using it over the last few years. ...

Meet Homo habilis

less than 1 minute read

This station has several of the key cranial specimens of Homo habilis, together with Sts 5, the representative of Australopithecus africanus. The H. habilis ...

Quote of the day

less than 1 minute read

Bernard Wood, quoted in Ann Gibbons' story about KNM-ER 42700:

Man bites dog

6 minute read

Appropriate to yesterday's post about the hypothesis of a Eurasian-African clade distinction in early humans, is today's paper from Fred Spoor, Meave Leakey...

A revised chronology for early Homo

6 minute read

In case you haven't been paying attention, the chronology of early African Homo has been completely turned upside-down this year. Well, "upside-down" isn't ...

Tilting at absent Asian australopithecines

10 minute read

In Nature a couple of weeks ago, Robin Dennell and Wil Roebroeks had a provocative paper exploring the possibility that early humans (i.e. Homo erectus) ori...

Proconsul book reviewed in Science

1 minute read

A couple of weeks ago, Robert Proctor reviewed Alan Walker and Pat Shipman's new book, The Ape in the Tree: An Intellectual and Natural History of Proconsul...

The KNM-ER 42700 calvaria

2 minute read

One of the highlights of the scientific program of the meetings was Fred Spoor's paper on the new cranial vault from Ileret, KNM-ER 42700. It is difficult t...