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Link: A deep dive into Cahokia

1 minute read

Annalee Newitz has a detailed and fascinating story in Ars Technica about the Cahokia site, on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River from St. Louis: “Fi...

Lactase persistence in review

1 minute read

Nature this week has a nice news article about the evolution of lactase persistence by Andrew Curry: “Archaeology: The milk revolution”. The article discusse...

Culture-gene coevolution and language

2 minute read

Simon Fisher and Matt Ridley, in a recent essay in Science, discuss the relationship between the genetic mutations that distinguish humans and other primates...

My review of "Paleofantasy"

2 minute read

I have a review of Marlene Zuk’s new book, Paleofantasy, in this week’s Nature: “Evolutionary biology: Twisting the tale of human evolution” Hawks:Paleofanta...

Coprolite microbial ecology

3 minute read

The advent of metagenomic analysis of microbial communities has led to some unexpected insights about human biology. These techniques have quietly been leadi...

Recent evolution of coding variants

6 minute read

How did I get myself quoted in a story as the skeptic about recent human evolution? (“Human Evolution Enters an Exciting New Phase”). After all, I’ve been a ...

Indus health

less than 1 minute read

Anthropology News interviews Gwen Robbins Schug and Veena Mushrif Tripathy on their work documenting health and mortality in the Indus Valley civilization: “...

The sign of four

1 minute read

Gene Expression this morning is worth some thought, a post about the mtDNA of Andaman Islanders and their connections to mainland Asian populations. “Present...

More on Tibet, demography and selection

9 minute read

My post about the Tibetan high altitude selection story last Friday summarized the research and included some criticism of the demographic model applied in t...

Humans still evolving…

1 minute read

Time has a story about Stephen Stearns and colleagues’ work characterizing ongoing selection using the Framingham Heart Study sample:

Neolithic migrationism

1 minute read

Dienekes has a nice post about the relation of Neolithic Europeans, migration models, and how anthropological views of migration have changed over the last c...

Why human evolution accelerated

17 minute read

n. b. This is a story about my work on recent human evolution, describing some of the main results and how the work came about. The story refers to my paper ...


2 minute read

That was the message that just flashed surreally on my TV screen, from the old U2 "ZooTV" tour. Yes, that's the one where the Edge is wearing a beret.

Recent megatsunamis

less than 1 minute read

The NY Times has an article by Sandra Blakeslee describing geological evidence for recent (i.e. Holocene) megatsunamis:

The rats of Easter Island

3 minute read

A new article in Science is claiming that the Easter Island population did not have a long duration on the island, and probably did not cause its own popula...

Body size in Holocene southern Africa

2 minute read

I was just taking notes on this paper by Sealy and Pfeiffer (2000), and found some good quotes about body size in the Bushmen, both historically and in arch...

Diamond on skin color

5 minute read

Jared Diamond has a short review article in Nature on the evolution of skin color. This is an old story in anthropology, but it has taken some interesting t...