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Hominin remains from Mata Menge, Flores

12 minute read

I was really excited yesterday to read about the work of Gerrit van den Bergh and colleagues at Mata Menge, where they have uncovered hominin fossil remains ...

Mike Morwood obituary

1 minute read

Kate Wong notes the death of Mike Morwood, archaeologist, rock art expert, and co-discoverer of the Liang Bua people commonly known as the “hobbits”:

Hobbits hobbled

less than 1 minute read

The Guardian reports, “Hobbit banned as title of lecture on prehistoric ‘hobbit’”. The event in question was organized at Victoria University in New Zealand ...


less than 1 minute read

I have to point to Robert Krulwich’s blog post, “Killer Storks Eat Human Babies”, about the giant extinct Maribou stork relatives of Flores.

Hobbit DNA hunt

1 minute read

Every so often, a reader asks me if I know any new rumors about DNA sampling of “Homo floresiensis”. I’m not holding out much hope for success given the trop...


less than 1 minute read

Today’s sketchbook:

Crete: Pleistocene port of call?

1 minute read

Bruce Bower reports on excavations by Thomas Strasser on the Mediterranean island of Crete: “Ancient hominids may have been seafarers”.

Stony Brook Flores symposium online

less than 1 minute read

A reader writes to let me know that the talks from the Stony Brook symposium on the Flores hominids are now available for streaming. I haven’t had a chance t...

The Liang Bua debate, continued

8 minute read

Note: I wrote this post in 2005. We have learned much since then about the context of the Liang Bua fossils and archaeological record. These have changed the...