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Link: Profile of Tilly Edinger

less than 1 minute read

Smithsonian has done a nice profile of Tilly Edinger, one of the most important paleontologists of the twentieth century: “The Woman Who Shaped the Study of ...

Dusk monkeys

1 minute read

Donald Prothero on Skepticblog gives a history of one of the exceptional finds in the history of North American paleoanthropology: “A tooth, a myth, and crea...

Open every box

less than 1 minute read

Fascinating: “Unique Canine Tooth from ‘Peking Man’ Found in Swedish Museum Collection”

Opening up paleontology

4 minute read

Ewen Callaway writes in Nature News this week on open access science in paleontology: “Fossil data enter the web period”. I write about this topic quite a lo...


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From the Flickr Commons:

Dinosaur Wars

less than 1 minute read

Brian Switek reviews the American Experience program, Dinosaur Wars, which covered the scientific rivalry between paleontologists Othniel Marsh and Edward Dr...

Paul Martin

less than 1 minute read

Sadly, Paul Martin died last month. A reader sent along a remembrance from the University of Arizona. Martin is best known as an advocate for the “overkill” ...

An ape by any other name

4 minute read

As usual, I was looking for something else – this time in the writing of Henry Fairfield Osborn – and came across an interesting paper that he delivered as a...

Darwin's Neandertal encounter

1 minute read

Michael Balter reports on the historical work of Alex Menez, at the Gibraltar Museum: “When Darwin Met a Neandertal”.

More on Gertrude Caton Thompson

7 minute read

After my post on Gertrude Caton Thompson’s permit problems, a reader referred me to Caton Thompson’s memoirs (Mixed Memoirs, 1983, and sadly out of print.) A...

The fingerprints of fossilization

1 minute read

It’s a sign of the success of “DNA fingerprinting” that any kind of identification technique is immediatly cast in those terms (“DNA-like technique may help ...

Quote: Cuvier on fossil destruction

1 minute read

Georges Cuvier is generally remembered for the idea of “catastrophism” – but I ran across this quote (in translation) from his description of the famous opos...