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Link: A hookworm history in mining

1 minute read

I’ve been doing a bit of reading about hookworm infection for an essay, and I happened across a piece by Rebecca Kreston from Discover’s “Body Horrors” a few...

Link: The discovery of botulism

less than 1 minute read

I really like this blog post reviewing the discovery of botulinum toxin by Rebecca Kreston: “The Bad Sausage & The Discovery of Botulism”.

Link: Obesity on the rise

1 minute read

The National Post of Canada has a long article by Sharon Kirkey on the rise of obesity: “The shape of the future: Is obesity a crisis or just the latest stag...

Body donation is a weighty matter

1 minute read

Barbara King gives a shout-out to the Forensic Anthropology Center at the University of Tennessee (“Cremation, burial, or Body Farm?”).

Bioethics pair

2 minute read

A pair of articles in my browser tabs refer to bioethics.


less than 1 minute read

Abigail Zuger in the Science Times reviews the book, Dissection: Photographs of a Rite of Passage in American Medicine 1880-1930. The book presents a collect...

Harvey Cushing

less than 1 minute read

At Neurophilosophy, a cool post on the photorecord of early neurosurgeon Harvey Cushing: