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Brain plasticity in adults and cognition

1 minute read

I ran across a study from a couple of years ago by Rachel Brans and colleagues, which has an interesting result showing a genetic correlation between plastic...

Link parade, 2

3 minute read

Ben Phelan at Slate writes about the recent evolution of lactase persistence: “The Most Spectacular Mutation in Recent Human History”.

Teeth and teaching

less than 1 minute read

Razib Khan has a short but worthwhile post about dental health and heritability: “The moral measure of bad teeth”.

Twins separated at sport

less than 1 minute read

The Shortcuts Blog discusses British runner Mo Farah, his identical twin Hassan, the heritability of extreme performance: “Could Mo Farah’s talent have run i...

Steampunk genetics

less than 1 minute read

An article in European Journal of Human Genetics that came out a couple of years ago has always impressed me, and I just noticed that it has gone to open acc...

Brain scans and gene scans

1 minute read

Wray Herbert notes the fallacy of interpreting fMRI and other brain imagery as especially meaningful: “The Brain Is Not an Explanation”. I’m pointing to this...

Sports and genetics

2 minute read

Sports Are 80 Percent Mental has an interview with Peter Vint of the U.S. Olympic Committee: “Do Young Athletes Need Practice Or Genetics? A Conversation Wit...

Heritability and genetic test essay

2 minute read

Neuroscientist Dorothy Bishop provides a student-level opinion piece in the Guardian that addresses the “missing heritability” problem without using the term...