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Genetics of smell and population history

4 minute read

I want to point to a recent paper by Jeremy McRae and colleagues McRae:2013, which identifies previously-unknown genetic associations with smell sensitivity ...

The risk gradient

1 minute read

Ann Gibbons reports Gibbons:diabetes:2011 from the International Congress of Human Genetics, on papers that examine GWAS risk alleles for type 2 diabetes: “D...

Archaic genome snooping from GWAS

2 minute read

The 23andMe blog reports on a recent genome-wide association study of type 2 diabetes in South Asian people: “SNPWatch: Genetic Variants Associated with Type...

Steampunk genetics

less than 1 minute read

An article in European Journal of Human Genetics that came out a couple of years ago has always impressed me, and I just noticed that it has gone to open acc...

Genetics without the disclaimers

2 minute read

The NY Times covers a new genome-wide association study of SNP variants and response to exercise (“Is Fitness All in the Genes?”).

Polygenic traits and directional selection

9 minute read

This has been an eventful week for those of us who study the dynamics of recent selection in humans. The most significant event was the publication of a pape...