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An interview on gorilla emotions

less than 1 minute read

The Pacific Standard is running a nice interview with anthropologist Barbara King, by Francie Diep: “How Do Gorillas Grieve?”. It touches on the recent killi...

Link: Skeletons of the mountain gorillas

less than 1 minute read

The NYCEP blog has a great post by Natalie O’Shea, who has been helping prepare the skeletal remains of gorillas who died natural deaths within the Rwanda Vo...

Why do male bonobos have such low body fat?

3 minute read

I can’t be the only one surprised at how little body fat male bonobos have. A study of bonobo dissections by Adrienne Zihlman and Debra Bolter (2015) include...

Mountain gorilla visit

less than 1 minute read

Chimpanzee researcher Maureen McCarthy describes a visit to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda, to see the mountain gorillas: “Uganda’s other great apes”.

Darwin's primate phylogeny

3 minute read

I’m doing some reading and ran across a 2009 post by Brian Switek (“Darwin, Ardi and the African apes”), who touched on a little-appreciated aspect of Darwin...

Perils of talking to apes

1 minute read

Barbara King comments on Koko, Kanzi and Panbanisha, “Thoughts On Three Famous ‘Language Apes’”.

Meet Gorilla gorilla

1 minute read

The gorilla is the world’s largest living primate. Gorillas are presently distributed broadly across West and Central Africa, in forested areas where human a...

Scanning the ape fecome

1 minute read

Donald McNeil, Jr., has written up some background detail about last week’s story that falciparum malaria came from gorillas: “A finding on malaria comes fro...

Falciparum malaria came from gorillas

2 minute read

Malaria in humans is caused by one of five different species of Plasmodium parasites. The deadliest of these is P. falciparum, especially within Africa where...

Mailbag: Parallel knuckle-walkers

1 minute read

Regarding convergent evolution in the great apes, I thought it was well demonstrated that knuckle walking was convergent, because the mechanisms for spinal s...

HIV from gorillas

less than 1 minute read

A new strain of HIV has come from gorillas: “New Strain of H.I.V. Is Discovered”

P. T. Barnum's gorilla

6 minute read

In the course of my research for the ape strength article, I ran across an old piece from The Atlantic Monthly, in which Alexander Young gives a long satire ...

Gorilla snippets from the 1800's

1 minute read

I’m skipping around the net doing some historical research today, and I’ve been running across stories that try to describe apes to the general public, aroun...


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Here’s today’s sketchbook page: