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Link: New stratigraphy chart

less than 1 minute read

The International Commission on Stratigraphy has released the 2018 version of Earth’s stratigraphic intervals, illustrated with a very helpful chart:

Writing Anthropocene with a small ‘a’

4 minute read

This week in Science, a short commentary by William Ruddiman and colleagues challenges the idea that scientists should recognize an Anthropocene epoch as hav...

Quote: John McPhee on the United States

less than 1 minute read

I was excited yesterday when I saw that John McPhee’s Annals of the Former World is finally on Kindle, and is selling for less than 9 dollars. It is a master...

Steno: not just for stratigraphy

less than 1 minute read

Matthew Cobb, guest-blogging at Why Evolution Is True, gives an appreciation of Nicholas Steno’s contributions to biology: “Googles doodle: women have eggs”.

The paleolakes of Egypt

2 minute read

A paper in the December issue of Geology, by Ted Maxwell and colleagues Maxwell:Tushka:2010, describes evidence for a “Lake Erie-sized” paleolake in southwes...


less than 1 minute read

I was talking about the Yellowstone series of eruptions with students the other day. Along those lines, this news item from Michael Reilly is interesting:

Anthropocene redux

1 minute read

If you’re a regular reader, you may remember my comments on some geologists’ attempt to define an “Anthropocene” epoch to recognize the world-changing scope ...

The floodgates of 5.33 Ma

1 minute read

I’ve had a paper sitting on my desktop for a couple of weeks: “Catastrophic flood of the Mediterranean after the Messinian salinity crisis”, by Garcia-Castel...

Flying rock skepticism

less than 1 minute read reports on new work by François Paquay and colleagues that casts more doubt on the Younger Dryas impact event (“The Clovis comet that wasn’t...

The paleomagnetic long count

less than 1 minute read

A little off-topic, but interesting: Chris Rowan writes about paleomagnetic reversals and crustal movements some billion years ago.

"Anthropocene"? WhaAAAH?!

4 minute read

Here in paleoanthropologyland, we are often subject to the whims of the nomenclatura. These folks come up with new “logical” ways to name things, and we eith...

A picture of creationism in geology today

2 minute read

Religion writer Hanna Rosin has an article in the New York Times Magazine on the creationist "avant-garde": trained geologists arguing that Noah's flood can...

Recent megatsunamis

less than 1 minute read

The NY Times has an article by Sandra Blakeslee describing geological evidence for recent (i.e. Holocene) megatsunamis:

A little night music

1 minute read

Mars and the moon are in conjunction tonight, as I happened to notice outside. With a full moon they are a spectacular show.

The Great Rift Valley

3 minute read

The climate of the Early Pliocene differed from that of the Miocene primarily by the appearance of a cooling and drying trend across Africa, where early hom...