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Genetics without the disclaimers

2 minute read

The NY Times covers a new genome-wide association study of SNP variants and response to exercise (“Is Fitness All in the Genes?”).

Genetic bike path

less than 1 minute read

Eva Amsen describes her trip down the BRCA2 cycle path, near the Sanger Institute in the UK. She also points to Jennifer Rohn’s description of the path last...

Heritability and genetic test essay

2 minute read

Neuroscientist Dorothy Bishop provides a student-level opinion piece in the Guardian that addresses the “missing heritability” problem without using the term...

Eating their young

less than 1 minute read

Ally Fogg: “Why the young get a bad press” reports on research into age and media bias:

Genetic lapidaries

2 minute read

Nature News has a short piece on yesterday’s Desmond Tutu and other South African genomes: “Africa yields two full human genomes.”

Mailbag: Race, words and definitions

1 minute read

I believe this problem with the word "race" which biologists have needs to be handled as a communication problem. The way that biologists use the term is, li...

The trouble with contamination

less than 1 minute read

A case in Germany illustrates how easy it can be for contamination to sneak into labs from unexpected sources:

Bobsleds, no; sprinting, yes

less than 1 minute read

If you’re interested in athletic performance and genetics, read Daniel Macarthur on ACTN3, sprinting, and Jamaica: