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Link: So easy to match DNA to names

less than 1 minute read

Forensic genealogy is now mainstream. From Bloomberg Businessweek, a report by Kristen Brown: “A Researcher Needed Three Hours to Identify Me From My DNA”.

DNA genealogy and forensic cold cases

1 minute read

This year there have been some amazing new leads in “cold cases” by using a new kind of DNA approach, using public genealogy websites to look for people who ...

"Ancestry is complicated and very messy"

less than 1 minute read

Mark Thomas has a Guardian piece reacting to some recent genetics promotion in the UK: “To claim someone has ‘Viking ancestors’ is no better than astrology”....

Melungeon genetic roots

1 minute read

The AP is running a story about a recent genetic study probing the ancestry of the Melungeons.

Quantum of solace

less than 1 minute read

I just want to point out, on the “six generations of daughters” story…

Genetics and privacy

1 minute read

“Harvard prof Henry Louis Gates Jr. hunting for great-great grandfather”

Genomes unzipped, ancestry revealed

1 minute read

Last week I linked to Genomes Unzipped participant Joe Pickrell (“Ancestry unzipped”), who was working through the ancestry calculations that made his genome...

More X-Woman thoughts

3 minute read

I had a great session with my advanced students yesterday running through different evolutionary scenarios for the X-Woman. This and some later posts will fo...

Habsburg inbreeding

less than 1 minute read

Recommended for the interested – Razib’s post on Habsburg inbreeding:

Genetic differentiation within Europe

4 minute read

Larry Moran tells an interesting personal story about long-distance gene flow among Roman-era elites in Europe (What does Marcus Antonius tell us about evolu...