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ZooMS finds more Denisovans

4 minute read

A nice news article in Nature about the “zooarchaeology by mass spectrometry”, or ZooMS work being done at Denisova Cave by Katerina Douka and coworkers: “De...

Reindeer associations

less than 1 minute read

Alice Roberts ponders the prehistory of people and reindeer: “Rudolph and our early ancestors a love story”.

Reindeer hides and Neandertals

1 minute read

In reference to the post below about Quina Mousterian and reindeer specialization (“Paleoclimate and shifting Neandertal strategies”), let me add this great ...

What the cat didn't drag away

2 minute read

Digging through some literature this afternoon, I ran into a 2007 paper by Denise Su and Terry Harrison Su:Harrison:rarity:2007, who mounted several explanat...