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Vestigial traits under the microscope

less than 1 minute read

Australian paleoanthropologist Darren Curnoe has been blogging at The Conversation, with some interesting posts. This week, he has written on the topic of ve...

Kin selection strikes back

1 minute read

Last year I noted the publication of a paper in Nature by Martin Nowak, Corina Tarnita and Edward O. Wilson, which claimed that kin selection is not a suffic...

Quote: Dobzhansky on the tropics

less than 1 minute read

Theodosius Dobzhansky, concluding a paper titled, “Evolution in the Tropics”, which considered the role of physical environment versus other factors as evolu...

Inclusive fitness works

2 minute read

I can’t believe the amount of attention the paper by Martin Nowak, Corina Tarnita and Edward O. Wilson Nowak:eusociality:2010 has gotten. It was in last week...

We control the horizontal

2 minute read

New Scientist has an article by Mark Buchanan discussing horizontal transfer as a mechanism for the evolution of early life: “Horizontal and vertical: The ev...

R. A. Fisher's model of adaptation

10 minute read

Chapter 2 of R. A. Fisher’s Genetical Theory of Natural Selection is remarkable for many reasons. In it, he presents a model of selection in an age-structure...

Sweet irreversible you

1 minute read

I was going to comment last week on the “molecular evolution doesn’t reverse itself” paper – it’s a very clever use of informatics and the comparative method...

Molecular systematics and species trees

3 minute read

I’d like to point readers to a recent essay in Evolution, by Scott V. Edwards, titled, “Is a new and general theory of molecular systematics emerging?”

Quote: Elliott Sober on the force of selection

less than 1 minute read

Elliott Sober’s book, The Nature of Selection, discusses the philosophical underpinnings of evolutionary explanation in relation to other sciences. I turn to...

Why biologists should care about math

2 minute read

I’d like to point readers to James Crow’s article in the open access Journal of Biology. Titled, “Mayr, mathematics and the study of evolution,” it’s a brief...

Billiard-ball genetics

2 minute read

I picked up a copy of Julian Huxley’s Evolution: The Modern Synthesis this week at a book sale. It’s funny – the book was a review copy and bears the followi...

Lateral gene transfer in evolutionary history

less than 1 minute read

Carl Zimmer describes a recent paper documenting lateral gene transfer across a broad phylogeny of organisms. It’s one of the topics covered in his book, Mic...

Notes from Altenberg

less than 1 minute read

Massimo Pigliucci has posted his notes from the Altenberg conference.

Epistasis and Fisher

less than 1 minute read

A long explication of R. A. Fisher’s views on epistasis by Gene Expression writer DavidB. Worth reading for its outside-the-textbook presentation of the Fish...

Pigliucci on agenda for Altenberg meeting

1 minute read

Massimo Pigliucci describes the agenda for the upcoming Altenberg meeting, attempting to hash out the place of some recent developments in evolutionary theor...