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Stone Age minds in internet time

1 minute read

The journalist Kenneth Miller has an article in the current Discover magazine on “How Our Ancient Brains Are Coping in the Age of Digital Distraction”. I mak...

A new approach to the Prisoner's Dilemma

3 minute read

Daniel Lende has described some evolutionary and anthropological import of a recent paper in PNAS on game theory: “Prisoners Dilemma and the Evolution of Ine...

Leadership prediction and investment risk

1 minute read

The Guardian has printed an excerpt of economics Nobelist Daniel Kahneman’s new book, Thinking, Fast and Slow. The story addresses the question of why invest...

Adapting evolutionary psychology

5 minute read

I’ve been reading the new paper, “Darwin in Mind: New Opportunities for Evolutionary Psychology”, in PLoS Biology. The paper, by Johan Bolhuis and colleagues...

Mental mismatches

1 minute read

A Primate of Modern Aspect (“The sexuality wars, featuring apes”) writes about some of the reactions to the new book, Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of...

Nowhere the rational man

1 minute read

David Sloan Wilson has been posting a series on behavioral economics (“Economics and evolution as different paradigms”). This, broadly speaking, is based on ...

Better than a finger in the eye

1 minute read

Michael Balter writes in Science about a meeting called “Culture Evolves”: “Probing Culture’s Secrets, From Capuchins to Children.”

Depression not adaptation

1 minute read

Every so often I see the argument that psychological depression is common because it evolved for a purpose. Usually the idea is that depressive symptoms brin...

Flu blues

3 minute read

Will the swine flu lead to the next big evolutionary change for humans? No. But it has already begun to affect the way people interact with each other. I wan...

Religion and evolution book showdown

1 minute read

William Saletan reviews Robert Wright’s book, The Evolution of God, with some discussion of Nicholas Wade’s upcoming book, The Faith Instinct: How Religion E...

"Our brains are fluid and plastic"

3 minute read

For some reason, it’s “bash evolutionary psychology” week. First, Sharon Begley writes a 7-page essay in Newsweek, “Don’t Blame the Caveman.”, and now David ...


1 minute read

In the Science Times today, an essay by Marlene Zuk:

Group celebrations: an "evolutionary urge"?

1 minute read

There’s no end of bunkum just-so stories about the evolution of human behaviors. Not saying they’re all bunkum, just that many are, particularly when they’re...

Attractive women have high estrogen?

3 minute read

This BBC story covers this paper (warning! PDF!) that found a correlation (r = 0.48) between attractiveness and estrogen level in women:

Buller on Buller

less than 1 minute read

On the subject of objections to Buller's book, I should point out that Buller himself has a website where he has additional work and some responses to criti...

Evolutionary psychology responds to Buller

6 minute read

A reader forwarded me a reference to this website, which is a placeholder for present and future critiques to David Buller's book, Adapting Minds : Evolutio...

Buller on mating preferences

7 minute read

Chapter 5 of David Buller's Adapting Minds : Evolutionary Psychology and the Persistent Quest for Human Nature is mostly about the critique of studies that ...

Buller on massive modularity

13 minute read

Chapter 4 of David Buller's Adapting Minds : Evolutionary Psychology and the Persistent Quest for Human Nature is a critique of the concept of massive modul...

Buller on mental adaptations

11 minute read

I'm reading through David Buller's Adapting Minds : Evolutionary Psychology and the Persistent Quest for Human Nature. It's a back-burner read for me; I pic...

Fodor on Buller's Adapting Minds

2 minute read

Jerry Fodor reviews David J. Buller's book, Adapting Minds: Evolutionary Psychology and the Persistent Quest for Human Nature in last week's Times Literary ...