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Link: Ed Yong looks at limb buds

less than 1 minute read

Ed Yong writes about a new paper investigating the evolutionary developmental biology of finger formation: “How Did You Get Five Fingers?”.

Fly larva growing in 3-D

less than 1 minute read

I don’t have any comments on this, it’s just cool: “Fruitfly development, cell by cell”

Anthropology 105, lecture 7: Eyes

1 minute read

Out of all the lectures in the course, this was one of my favorites to put together. I return to the topic of evolutionary developmental biology, first raise...

Looking over a Neandertal's shoulder

8 minute read

A study by Di Vincenzo, Steven Churchill and Giorgio Manzi has fallen into the early drawer of the Journal of Human Evolution: “The Vindija Neanderthal scapu...

Chimpanzee and human FOXP2 compared

3 minute read

A new paper in Nature (Konopka et al. 2009) reports on microarray expression comparisons of human and chimpanzee-specific versions of FOXP2. The change of tw...

A speaking gene?

1 minute read

I’m just going to quote from a press release that fell into my inbox. It’s about a talk being given at the American Society for Human Genetics meeting by Ray...

How the FOXP2 transgenic mice squeak

1 minute read

Nicholas Wade today covers a new study by Wolfgang Enard and colleagues, in which they generated transgenic mice expressing the human-derived version of FOXP...

Evo-devo and HACNS1

3 minute read

Science has a very important paper in the current issue about the evolution of a gene enhancer in hominids, expressed in forelimb development and concentrate...

Linnaeus and species fixism

7 minute read

I think many biologists have a pretty vague picture of why Linnaeus was important. To some, he probably seems banal -- how exciting could it be to make all ...

Alternative splicing

3 minute read

The PNAS early edition includes a paper by Michael Tress and (many) others about the frequency of alternative splicing across the genome. I wrote about alte...

Game theory and developmental robusticity

17 minute read

The introduction of game theory into evolutionary biology is often credited to George Price and John Maynard Smith. This is for good reason; together they w...

You and the fugu, part 2

3 minute read

My earlier post introduced the conserved noncoding elements shared by vertebrates. Those elements shared by vertebrates seem to be crucial to regulating dev...

Evolution-doubting and illiteracy, part 3

5 minute read

Last week's Science has an article about "public acceptance of evolution" by Jon Miller, Eugenie Scott and Shinji Okamoto. The article covers results of pol...

Patterns Turing spotted

2 minute read

Did you know that Alan Turing tried to solve the problem of biological form? That following D'Arcy Thompson, he laid the groundwork for an important branch ...


5 minute read

Yesterday I ran across this paper by Thomas Flatt in Quarterly Review of Biology, which is a really thorough review of the concept of canalization from its ...

The World Summit on Evolution

4 minute read

On the Scientific American website, there is a long article by Michael Shermer (editor of Skeptic magazine), describing his trip to the World Summit of Evol...

Intelligent design "a sterile philosophy"

3 minute read

The following quote really sums up the problem with "intelligent design" as science, and why it is not taken seriously. It comes from a review by Alan D. Gi...