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Link: Biomechanical demands of hip width

1 minute read

Boston University’s research office has a nice article about Kristi Lewton’s research on pelvic biomechanics: “In defense of wide hips”. The piece refers to ...

The complexity of obesity

1 minute read

A moderately long read by David Berreby in Aeon magazine looks at a gaggle of theories about the causes and consequences of the worldwide epidemic of obesity...

Running commentary

1 minute read

Tara Parker-Pope picks up the “endurance running” hypothesis:

Energetics of elite bicycling

less than 1 minute read

We're pretty much obsessed with the Tour de France here. Today, Gina Kolata writes about the energetic cost of endurance:

"There is magic in misery"

1 minute read

Thus says the "Ultramarathon Man," Dean Karnazes, as profiled by Wired (via Instapundit). I think it's fascinating:

Running young

1 minute read

On the subject of insane feats of endurance, please allow me to draw your attention to this story about extreme children endurance runners:

Allostasis in human evolution

9 minute read

McEwen and Wingfield (2003) discuss the concept of allostasis. I was unfamiliar with this concept myself until an interesting presentation by one of our gr...