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A Lucy remembrance

less than 1 minute read

The CNN medical blog (associated with Sanjay Gupta) is running a short piece by Don Johanson, which may be of interest: “‘Lucy’ discoverer: Why I study human...

AMNH Leakey-Johanson event

1 minute read

The American Museum of Natural History has arranged an event featuring Richard Leakey and Don Johanson, which is happening tomorrow evening: “Human Evolution...

Mooning hominins

1 minute read

Gretchen sends this link: MSNBC has a list of “Eight Great American Discoveries in Science”.

Don Johanson interview

1 minute read

Alan Boyle, who writes the “Cosmic Log” feature for MSNBC, has a long interview with Don Johanson. It’s a nice read, which touches on many paleoanthropologic...