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Hunting the ghost dogs with camera traps

less than 1 minute read

Cara Giaimo in the New York Times covers a recent research paper that combines camera trap evidence from across a large swath of the western Amazon to examin...

Natural areas going to the dogs

1 minute read

Human presence has changed the natural environment in many ways. One of the most important is the spread of species that do well in the presence of humans, m...

Dog domestication complexity

1 minute read

Ewen Callaway covers the active area of dog domestication research in a new Nature News article (“Dog genetics spur scientific spat”) Callaway:dog:2013.

Selection is for the dogs

5 minute read

I was really pleased to see the new paper by Erik Axelsson and colleagues Axelsson:2013 on the pattern of recent selection on domesticated dogs. As we began ...

Warp and woof

1 minute read

James Gorman stirs the pot on dog domestication, by comparing the new review article by Greger Larson and colleagues Larson:dog:2012 with Pat Shipman’s Ameri...

Dog won't hunt

less than 1 minute read

Jerry Coyne points to the extreme changes made possible by artificial breeding of dogs within the last 150 years: “Dog breeding: the debasement of the Americ...

Mailbag: Dogs in Chauvet

1 minute read

Love your blog, which I stumbled across while googling for more detail on the wolf tracks in Chauvet Cave. Have been fascinated by this stuff since 1st grad...

Wolves in coyotes' clothing

1 minute read

Razib’s post on the genetics of canids (“A map of charismatic canid genomic variation”) does a nice summary of a recent paper in Genome Research, by vonHoldt...

Mailbag: Coyote attacks

less than 1 minute read

Sorry to interrupt the 'all Anthropoid all the time' theme going on lately but I want to get back to a subject we've discussed before (well kind of).

The Aurignacian dogs

1 minute read

I didn’t see this article when it came out but I ran across it this week: Pat Shipman writes about possible evidence for early dog domestication (“The Woof a...


1 minute read

Another case of large mammal evolution by introgressive hybridization:

Dog psych

less than 1 minute read

Time magazine has a nice article by Carl Zimmer, which profiles anthropologist Brian Hare, who’s been busy studying dogs:

First dogs in Aurignacian?

1 minute read

I haven’t seen this paper, so can’t comment on the results, but the story is worth passing along: