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Evolution of the monkeyflowers

6 minute read

Spring has finally come to us here in the North, and it's time to start thinking about planting. So, when I went to a seminar yesterday by John Willis, it w...

A view on human differences

3 minute read

I'm doing some research for an essay, which relies quite a bit on the work of Dobzhansky and a few of his contemporaries. There are some great quotes that I...

Genetic discord

3 minute read

I ran across this paper from a few years ago by John Avise and DeEtte Walker, which considers the implication of reticulation-based species concepts for mt...

Dobzhansky on continuing human evolution

8 minute read

On a bit of a writing junket for his book, Mankind Evolving, in 1963 Theodosius Dobzhansky put an essay in Current Anthropology titled "Anthropology and the...


2 minute read

Lawrence Krauss has commentary in the NY Times about the recent Kansas State Board of Education elections:

1 minute read

If hybrid zones are transient, what are the likely outcomes? One possibility is that hybrid zones represent secondary contact and neutral diffusion, that the...