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ADMIXTURE step-by-step howto

less than 1 minute read

Razib Khan runs through an analysis of genetic data using ADMIXTURE, step by step. It’s a really worthwhile read, essential DIY genomics.

Neandertal segments of X chromosomes

15 minute read

Last year, this Neandertal genome came out. No doubt you’ve heard about it. So maybe by now you’re wondering where the new science is that’s being done on th...

Genetics and archaeology, 2

8 minute read

I’ve just received the book, Climate Change in Prehistory: The End of the Reign of Chaos, by William Burroughs. I’ll be reading it and reviewing it during th...

What do you do with all these genomes?

1 minute read

I’m teaching a class right now in which the students are tackling this very issue: We’re getting an awful lot of new genomic data from living humans. What ca...