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Link: A visit to Ethiopian paleoanthropology

1 minute read

I’m frankly amazed I didn’t link to this Nautilus article when it came out last year: “Digging Through the World’s Oldest Graveyard”. In it, Amy Maxmen trave...

Cutmarks under the microscope

3 minute read

I’m trying to figure out why Science this week has a “perspective” piece on the identification of cutmarks on archaeological bone. It’s a nice brief but lack...

Cutmarked bones from Dikika critiqued

3 minute read

Manuel Dominguez-Rodrigo, writing with my University of Wisconsin colleagues Travis Pickering and Henry Bunn, has challenged the interpretation that two bovi...

NOVA: Becoming Human

6 minute read

OK, I’m going to live-blog this show. I’ve been looking forward to it for a while – I loved the old NOVA series with Don Johanson and have often showed it in...

Paleoecology at Hadar

3 minute read

The coming attractions bin at Journal of Human Evolution includes a paper by Kaye Reed, reviewing the evidence of paleoenvironment in the Hadar formation:

Commentaries on Dikika

less than 1 minute read

The online companion site to Scientific American is running commentaries by a few paleoanthropologists on the importance of the new DIK-1-1 skeleton. It's a...

Did australopithecines croak?

4 minute read

With apologies to the late Frank Livingstone, I couldn't help but wonder this as I read this passage from Bernard Wood's comment on the Dikika skeleton: