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Link: History of The Population Bomb

1 minute read

Charles C. Mann has written a historical account of Paul Ehrlich’s The Population Bomb as a part of Smithsonian magazine’s retrospective on the year 1968: “T...

Death in deep history

1 minute read

I’ve kept a post by Kristina Killgrove sitting on my desktop for a long time. Although the post is specifically about a particular highly-reported study on a...

Longitudinal sampling

less than 1 minute read

This is cool, from Big Think: “563 - Pop by Lat and Pop by Long”.

Misinformation about brain evolution

4 minute read

Due to Jerry Coyne, I encountered an interview in the Guardian with Colin Blakemore: “Colin Blakemore: How the human brain got bigger by accident and not thr...

The other story about the mammoth DNA

5 minute read

I got to writing about a story a couple of years ago, and then stalled out. That happens every so often – remember, most of my research-related entries are m...

SNPs and culture history

less than 1 minute read

Razib lists a taxonomy of culture-gene historical scenarios. Real worked examples for several of these would be worthwhile.

An insertion into deep history

6 minute read

A couple of weeks ago I noted a new article by Chad Huff and colleagues in PNAS. It wasn’t available yet when I wrote, but I’ve had the chance to study it no...

Double the bottlenecks

5 minute read

Amos and Hoffman (2009) describe a study of microsatellite (STR) data taken from 53 populations – the HGDP dataset. They suggest that the worldwide diversity...

Norman Borlaug

3 minute read

Yesterday, Nobel-Peace-Prize-winning agricultural scientist Norman Borlaug died. This AP story reviews his life and accomplishments. Without question, Borlau...

Plumbing for bottlenecks

4 minute read

My series on mutual information and tests of selection (which began with "Information theory: a short introduction") is at a branching point. One of the crit...

mtDNA selection in Iceland?

5 minute read

Leave it to me to have readers unwilling to ignore selection in recent populations! Here’s an e-mail:

Quote: Selection, stochasticity

2 minute read

Reading through P. A. P. Moran’s book, The Statistical Processes of Evolutionary Theory, I found this passage (p. 12):

Surfing and recent selection

5 minute read

Genetic Future and Gene Expression have commented today on the relative roles of selection and demography in shaping the genetic differences between populati...

Acceleration's discontents

7 minute read

The June Scientific American (no link available) has an article on page 32 about the “therapeutic value of blogging.” That’s some relief, after the stories a...

This magic moment

less than 1 minute read

Today, the projected population of the Earth (available here) passed 6,666,666,666.