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Supplementary data loss

3 minute read

My inbox this morning has an article by Diana Kwon in The Scientist, looking into the data decay from the supplementary materials of published scientific art...

Quote: Upload your data for the future

1 minute read

Andy Farke did a short interview with Kelsey Stilson, an author of a recent study on the paleopathology of rhinocerotids: “Author Interview: Kelsey Stilson o...

Big data, little data

2 minute read

Jacquelyn Gill is a paleoecologist who writes at her blog, The Contemplative Mammoth. Today she ponders a paradox: at the same time that pollen data are more...

White House to recognize open science

1 minute read

The White House is looking to recognize people who are leading in open science efforts, either by providing free access to data or by using data that is alre...

White House policy on data access

4 minute read

The White House this week announced a new policy on public access to results from federally funded research. The announcement has gotten

Mouse brain mapping

less than 1 minute read

This merits some attention: “Neuroscientists reach major milestone in whole-brain circuit mapping project”.

Making Big Data work in genetics

1 minute read

Laura Clarke and colleagues report on the data access and management practices of the 1000 Genomes Project Clarke:1000:2012.

The great world CT-scanning tour

2 minute read

The international version of Der Spiegel is running an English-language profile of the traveling CT-scan project from Jean-Jacques Hublin and the Max-Planck ...

Floating on the data

less than 1 minute read

Technology Review reports on a recent conference trying to spread data mining techniques. The point of departure is the growth of electronic sensor networks ...

Goodall record digitization

1 minute read

Jason Goldman covers the acquisition of Gombe chimpanzee records from the Jane Goodall Institute by Duke University (“Digitizing Jane Goodall’s legacy at Duk...

NSF to require data access plan

1 minute read

Science Insider reports that the National Science Foundation is going to make a “data management plan” a requirement of every grant application.

NAS president calls for data sharing

2 minute read

Science has a one-page editorial by National Academy of Science President Ralph Cicerone. He alludes to the climate change scandals of the last few months, a...

Data mining

2 minute read

IBM and Google want students to ditch their laptops and pick up some big iron:

Mailbag: The Ardipithecus wait

less than 1 minute read

I sense a touch of criticism regarding the grand unveiling of Ardi after 15 years wait. Now I've completed that sentence it makes sense. A large team spend 1...

Whoa, who stole the data?

1 minute read

OK, as you know I do this thing where I read the supplementary information in papers. I hate doing it; think they should put the stuff in the actual paper wh...

Fossil access editorial

5 minute read

The editors of Scientific American offer arguments for greater data and public access to fossils in their current (September 2009) issue: “Fossils for All: S...

Data warehousing in genomics interview

1 minute read

Software publisher O’Reilly is running an interview with David Dooling, data chief of the Genome Sequencing Center at Washington University: “Sequencing a ge...

Free the trees

less than 1 minute read

Further drawbacks of databases in anthropology, after my post mentioning the issues. I’ll point to Martin Rundkvist’s discussion of “Open Source Dendrochrono...

Genome data access and funding models

1 minute read

Mike the Mad Biologist checks in with an interesting post on “The Double Standard of Genomic Data Release and the Role of Incentives”. The question: why do l...

NSF and data access

17 minute read

Mark Weiss from NSF appeared at the AAPA business meeting to discuss recent changes in the funding guidelines from the Physical Anthropology program. The mo...