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Developing the sharing sense

10 minute read

Following on after yesterday’s post about hunter-gatherer population structure, I ended with the proposal that cooperation may be a “cognitive technology” in...

The chimpanzee males who adopt orphans

2 minute read

The value of long-term field studies: Christophe Boesch and colleagues report on adoption in the Taï Forest chimpanzee study population – where more than 30 ...

Robot genetics

4 minute read

Dario Floreano and Laurent Keller describe experiments that combine genetic algorithms and robots. It’s a review essay rather than a description of new resea...

Evolving swarm bots

1 minute read

Robot swarms programmed with genetic algorithms to “evolve” their behavior:

A Snowdrift game version of hunting

5 minute read

I want to run through some examples of how we can apply game theory to consider hunting decisions in human groups. First, I describe a simple Snowdrift model...

Cooperation, phenotypic vectors, energy

3 minute read

Burtsev and Turchin (2006) present the results of simulations of cooperative behavior in self-interested agents. This is a well-established subject, and the...