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Link: Origins of human languages

1 minute read

The online magazine Sapiens has a fascinating piece by Elizabeth Svoboda looking at the ways that new languages form: “Where Do “New” Languages Come From?”

Thalamus in the spotlight

1 minute read

Knowable magazine, which covers research published in Annual Reviews journals, has a nice interview by writer Emily Underwod of Michael Halassa, an expert on...

Crows respect their dead

less than 1 minute read

Carl Zimmer writes in the NY Times today about an experiment with crows. John Marzluff and colleagues from the University of Washington have been examining a...

Variation in cognitive traits and genetics

2 minute read

A new study of more than 50,000 people has identified some of the genetic variations that underlie cognitive variation among middle-aged and older adults (Da...

Brain plasticity in adults and cognition

1 minute read

I ran across a study from a couple of years ago by Rachel Brans and colleagues, which has an interesting result showing a genetic correlation between plastic...

Perils of talking to apes

1 minute read

Barbara King comments on Koko, Kanzi and Panbanisha, “Thoughts On Three Famous ‘Language Apes’”.

Neandertals lacked mental eminence

6 minute read

If you care about Neandertal behavior and haven’t read this 2004 article by John Speth, you really should treat yourself: “News flash: Negative evidence conv...

Spielke profile

1 minute read

The New York Times has a long profile of developmental psychologist Elizabeth Spielke, whose work with babies has opened a window on early cognition (“Insigh...

Monkey numerical distractions

2 minute read

This study has been out for a few weeks, and I’ve been meaning to put up a short comment about it: “Representational format determines numerical competence i...

Joshua Foer's memory racket

less than 1 minute read

For Sunday morning (here in California, still, although it’s fading into afternoon in my native land), I can point you to a book excerpt by Joshua Foer, from...

The mystery of left lateralization

1 minute read

This morning, a timely post by cognitive neuroscientist Sophie Scott addresses the localization of language functions on the left side of the brain:

Number as cognitive technology

4 minute read

Archaeologists often define technology in terms of material products. People make stuff, and that stuff is technology.

Hauser update

1 minute read

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports on an “internal document” from the Marc Hauser investigation: “Document Sheds Light on Investigation at Harvard”. T...