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Recantation of a former genetic know-nothing

1 minute read

The text of this lecture by Mark Lynas is remarkable (“Lecture to Oxford Farming Conference, 3 January 2013”). Lynas gained prominence as a critic of genetic...

Rewilding Siberia

less than 1 minute read

The Associated Press ran an article last week about Sergey Zimov and his attempts to “rewild” a small corner of Siberia:

The Neandertals of Mount Doom

12 minute read

Well, I already snarked on the science headlines that have been claiming volcanoes “wiped out” the Neandertals. Some variation of this story, swapping in a d...

Neandertal headlines

less than 1 minute read

For two weeks I’ve been reading news feeds about how volcanoes killed the Neandertals. I mean, seriously:

Megafaunal meth

1 minute read

I’ve seen this story around the net today, so I thought I would link to the short research paper by Felisa Smith and colleagues: “Methane emissions from exti...

Anthropocene redux

1 minute read

If you’re a regular reader, you may remember my comments on some geologists’ attempt to define an “Anthropocene” epoch to recognize the world-changing scope ...

The bugs will out

1 minute read

Following up on the editorial by Ralph Cicerone, calling for more effective data sharing, an editorial in the Guardian by computer scientist Darrel Ince rein...

NAS president calls for data sharing

2 minute read

Science has a one-page editorial by National Academy of Science President Ralph Cicerone. He alludes to the climate change scandals of the last few months, a...

Defenestrating deforestation

2 minute read

Lots of people have written about the collapse of the ancient Maya, often as some kind of “lesson” about how present-day society needs to change for its own ...

Some future evolution scenarios

4 minute read

Because of my work on recent human evolution, people ask me a lot – I mean, an awful lot – what our evolution will be like in the future.

Mailbag: Holding on to ancient DNA

2 minute read

Hi, It is often claimed that ancient genes that were once very adaptable are discarded over time by drift, bottle necks etc. What if an ancient trait wer...

Did an ice age boost human brain size?

2 minute read

What is going on? I mean, the heat this summer seems to have gotten to people’s heads. Except, it hasn’t been that hot. Heck, nothing could be hot enough for...

"Anthropocene"? WhaAAAH?!

4 minute read

Here in paleoanthropologyland, we are often subject to the whims of the nomenclatura. These folks come up with new “logical” ways to name things, and we eith...