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Link: Bonobo female coalitions

less than 1 minute read

Nice article by Natalie Angier about recent work on bonobo social behavior: “Beware the Bonds of Female Bonobos”.

Why do male bonobos have such low body fat?

3 minute read

I can’t be the only one surprised at how little body fat male bonobos have. A study of bonobo dissections by Adrienne Zihlman and Debra Bolter (2015) include...

The scope of bonobos

2 minute read

National Geographic has an excellent article by David Quammen about the science of bonobo behavior: “The Left Bank Ape: An Exclusive Look at Bonobo Behavior”...

Killer apes

less than 1 minute read

Kate Wong reports on chimpanzee and bonobo presentations at the AAPA meetings: “Why chimpanzees kill”.

Scanning the ape fecome

1 minute read

Donald McNeil, Jr., has written up some background detail about last week’s story that falciparum malaria came from gorillas: “A finding on malaria comes fro...

Hare/Woods interview

less than 1 minute read

The science page of the NY Times has a conversation with Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods. Woods’ new book is Bonobo Handshake: A Memoir of Love and Adventure in...

Return of the Neanderchimps

7 minute read

Back in 2005, I reviewed the first description of fossil chimpanzee teeth, from the Middle Pleistocene of the Kapthurin Formation, Kenya, dating to around 50...

Bonobo corpse encounter

less than 1 minute read

A short piece in Pan Africa News by Takumasa Yokoyama and Satoshi Yasumoto reports on their observations of a bonobo group after the discovery that one of th...

Bonobo monkey hunting

1 minute read

Martin Surbeck and Gottfried Hohmann report in Current Biology that bonobos hunt monkeys, like chimpanzees.