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New Gibraltar blog by Clive Finlayson

less than 1 minute read

Clive Finlayson has started a new blog featuring some of the day-to-day story of ongoing fieldwork at Gorham’s and Vanguard Caves, Gibraltar: “Clive Finlayso...

Anthropology's online ecology

less than 1 minute read

Jason Antrosio has composed a short report on the “Anthropology Blogosphere 2013 Ecology of Online Anthropology”. I appreciate his kind words about my work ...

Blogs, academic discourse in economics

less than 1 minute read

Paul Krugman comments on how the growth in academic blogs in economics is a continuation of publication trends that long predate the World Wide Web: “Our blo...

An anthropologist invades NPR

less than 1 minute read

Anthropologist Barbara J. King has begun a stint as a writer at the NPR science and culture blog, 13.7. In her introductory post, she gives a prècis of the f...

Tonto? Que timo!

less than 1 minute read

I don’t read Spanish well, but I read it well enough to know that Millán Mozota’s blog, “EL NEANDERTAL TONTO QU TIMO!” (the stupid Neandertal – what a con jo...

Blogging for scholars

2 minute read

Stephen T. Casper writes on “Why academics should blog”, with an interesting historical perspective. Once upon a time, faculty clubs, dining facilities and p...

Conference blogging by Sci

less than 1 minute read

Scicurious has written a very nice howto giving concrete advice about blogging a conference: “How To Blog a Conference”. Lots and lots of good ideas and advi...

India archaeology blog

less than 1 minute read

On the topic of the archaeology of South Asia, I want to point readers to Sheila Mishra’s blog. She has picked up a number of topics of recent interest, incl...

Blogging archaeology

less than 1 minute read

Following up on Nicolas Laracuente’s Storify collections of tweets from the SAA meetings, I wanted to point to his compilation from the Blogging Archaeology ...

Siphoning the firehose

1 minute read

Bora Zivkovic leaves ScienceBlogs and reminds us of the imprint that blogging has made on some careers in the last five years. Reading his thoughts on bloggi...

Snark and trade

less than 1 minute read

If you haven’t had your fill of angsty petulance, then Scienceblogs and its stable of writers have been wading through Edward versus Jacob territory. Jonatha...

Vietnam langur notes

less than 1 minute read

Conservation biologist Eleanor Sterling is running a blog of field notes from a survey for langurs in Vietnam, in the NY Times “Scientist at Work” blog zone.

Junk Charts fan

less than 1 minute read

May I just say, I’m really enjoying Junk Charts lately? Nothing specific, just consistently good postings.

Graduate students and blogging

6 minute read

I’ve received a tremendous response to my essay earlier this week, the first part of my series on blogging and tenure. I wanted to thank everyone for their c...

"Just Science"

less than 1 minute read

For the next week, the Just Science aggregator (feed) will be picking up posts from a few dozen science blogs, who have committed to a post a day of just sc...

A little touch of Etler

less than 1 minute read

I found out from a reader this morning that Dennis Etler has a blog called "Sinanthropus" -- and it's excellent! If you haven't seen his long-standing websi...

Pinker interview on Gene Expression

less than 1 minute read

Another in the series of "10 questions" interviews, this one with Steven Pinker. It touches on the politics of gender at Harvard, his upcoming book, and inc...

Gombe chimpanzee blog

1 minute read

The Jane Goodall Institute has a blog, which has been updated daily for some time. According to the description:

Darwin exhibit website

less than 1 minute read

The American Museum of Natural History has set up a Darwin website to accompany their Darwin exhibit. It's pretty good -- not too heavy on detail, and nicel...

Acne and anthropology

1 minute read

The Freakonomics guys have a blog, and this week they are having guest posts from Seth Roberts, who has developed a new diet through self-experimentation. U...

The drive behind science-blogging

1 minute read

August seems to be a month of self-reflection. Maybe it's that everyone is on vacation. There certainly hasn't been much anthropology news, although work he...

The great Guns, Germs and Steel debates

4 minute read

I posted on the three-part PBS special "Guns, Germs and Steel," but I didn't watch it myself. I tried for a few minutes, but it didn't grab me. Maybe I'll c...

Academic job-seeking and weblogs

3 minute read

The Chronicle of Higher Education is running this pseudonymous column discussing the perception of blogs by academic hiring committees. It includes some imp...

P. Z. Myers on the Niobrara formation

less than 1 minute read

A very interesting post by Pharyngula scribe P. Z. Myers that helps to put the geologic legacy of western Kansas into perspective. This is the part of the s...

The Tangled Bank

less than 1 minute read

A blog carnival is a selection of self-submitted articles following a theme of topics. A good one in the area of science and medicine is The Tangled Bank.