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Dilemma of the obstetrical dilemma

3 minute read

During the past few years, anthropologists have been questioning the long-held idea that human birth is uniquely risky for mothers and infants because of the...

Notable: Ancient rock art from Sulawesi

1 minute read

Notable paper: Aubert M, Brumm A, Ramli M, Sutikna T, Saptomo EW, Hakim B, Morwood MJ, van den Burgh GD, Kinsley L, Dosseto A. (2014). Pleistocene cave art f...

Glut suit riot

less than 1 minute read

On topic: A Primate of Modern Aspect reviews the anatomy of the Ardipithecus proximal femur.

Discovering Ardi notes

5 minute read

I haven’t been able to see all of the “Discovering Ardi” show tonight, but we did get most of the second hour. I just thought I’d jot down some general comme...

Ardipithecus FAQ

24 minute read

Today is Ardipithecus day. Eleven papers in tomorrow’s issue of Science describe the research on one exceptional skeleton (numbered ARA-VP-6/500, nicknamed “...

Ankles of the australopithecines

8 minute read

Recent University of Michigan Ph.D. Jeremy DeSilva gets some nice press about his work demonstrating that fossil hominins didn’t climb like chimpanzees:

Galili femoral anatomy

2 minute read

Elizabeth Culotta reports from the Vertebrate Paleontology meetings about an analysis of the hominid femur from Galili, Ethiopia.

The Orrorin identity

3 minute read

There's nothing especially surprising about the functional interpretations in Richmond and Jungers' paper about the Orrorin BAR 1002'00 femur. They conclude...

Them's fightin' legs

1 minute read

Elizabeth Pennisi has a short piece in Science describing David Carrier's ideas about leg length and fighting in early hominids.

Orrorin opera

2 minute read

There's a new paper by Tim White in the "In Press" portion of Comptes Rendus Palevol, titled "Early hominid femora: The inside story". It has a short introd...

When chimpanzees stand

5 minute read

The current (February 2006) issue of AJPA carries an article by Craig Stanford describing the context of bipedal posture for chimpanzees in the Bwindi Impen...

The robotic Lucy model

4 minute read

The BBC is running this article about a new study that evaluates the bipedality of A. afarensis using robotic design software:

The knuckle-walking anteater

4 minute read

Caley Orr (Personal page, Arizona State University) has an advance paper in AJPA examining convergent features in the wrists of knuckle-walking hominoids an...

The Hominid Pelvis

3 minute read

The most dramatic illustration of bipedalism is the pelvis, and the most dramatic specimen demonstrating pelvic morphology is the relatively complete skelet...

Why be bipedal?

6 minute read

The skeletal adaptation to bipedalism is well documented in early hominids. What is less clear is what events led to this adaptation and its eventual succes...