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Brain plasticity in adults and cognition

1 minute read

I ran across a study from a couple of years ago by Rachel Brans and colleagues, which has an interesting result showing a genetic correlation between plastic...

Testosterone, fatherhood,

less than 1 minute read

Daniel Lende has done a nice interview with Northwestern University anthropologist Lee Gettler (“On Testosterone and Real Men: An Interview with Lee Gettler”...

Mailbag: Could autism genes be adaptive?

1 minute read

I have always wondered if autism could be an adaptive mutation. However, since I myself have autism, and specifically one of the more fortunate types of auti...

Sports and genetics

2 minute read

Sports Are 80 Percent Mental has an interview with Peter Vint of the U.S. Olympic Committee: “Do Young Athletes Need Practice Or Genetics? A Conversation Wit...

Bad genes

1 minute read

Well, if your genes don’t make you a bad driver, maybe they’ll make you a murderer: “Lighter sentence for murderer with ‘bad genes’”

"We have ways of changing behavior"

less than 1 minute read

Ann Althouse points to a “chilling locution” in a Wall Street Journal story about health spending: “Nearly 10% of Health Spending Due to Obesity, Report Says”

"Our brains are fluid and plastic"

3 minute read

For some reason, it’s “bash evolutionary psychology” week. First, Sharon Begley writes a 7-page essay in Newsweek, “Don’t Blame the Caveman.”, and now David ...