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Fitness in hybrid baboons

4 minute read

It’s rare to have good data on fitness of individuals in wild populations of animals. It’s even more rare to have data on fitness of hybrid individuals in na...

Did hominins associate with antelopes?

2 minute read

Last summer in the South African Journal of Science, faunal specialist Shaw Badenhorst published a short commentary with an interesting question for early ho...

Notable: Baboon migration to Arabia

1 minute read

Notable paper: Kopp GH, Roos C, Butynski TM, Wildman DE, Alagaili AN, Groeneveld LF, Zinner D. (2014). Out of Africa, but how and when? The case of hamadryas...

Photo: Dusk in the Cradle

less than 1 minute read

Action-packed day today as I did some filming with Matt Sponheimer and a great team of scientists doing some field ecology in the Cradle nature reserve. The ...

Stress on Sapolsky

less than 1 minute read

Jonah Lehrer in Wired has a long profile of Robert Sapolsky and his work on stress in baboons: “Under Pressure: The Search for a Stress Vaccine”

Kipunji introgression

less than 1 minute read

So what’s the baboon DNA doing in that rare monkey species, anyway?