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A story of Australian repatriation

4 minute read

The September issue of Smithsonian magazine has a feature article by Tony Perrottet recounting the burial ceremony for the “Mungo Man” skeleton, which happen...

First Peoples: Asia, and Australia

1 minute read

First Peoples continues tonight on PBS, with two episodes that focus on the dispersal of modern humans into Asia and Australia.

Coming: ‘First Peoples’ on PBS

1 minute read

This month, PBS in the United States will be premiering a new five-part series on the origins and spread of modern humans around the world, called First Peop...

Looking back on Mungo

1 minute read

In a recent article, the geologist Jim Bowler gives a retrospective on the 1974 discovery of the “Mungo Man” skeleton in Australia: “Mungo Man is a physical ...

Hunting the Denisovan belt

7 minute read

The other day I was having a long conversation about Denisovans and human origins. My friend suggested that “Denisovans” sound like some kind of Star Trek ci...

Denisova at high coverage

10 minute read

Science today has released the new paper on the Denisova high-coverage genome by Mattias Meyer and colleagues from Svante Pääbo’s group Meyer:Denisova:2012. ...

Bones from the Torres Strait Islands

1 minute read

The BBC has an interesting article about the repatriation of skeletal remains from Torres Strait Islanders, held at the Natural History Museum, London: “Torr...

Genyornis in Australian rock art?

less than 1 minute read

Lots of cave paintings in Europe depict animals now extinct. Australian researchers have recently identified a rock painting as a depiction of the extinct th...

What kangaroos do…

2 minute read

In the current issue of Heredity, Neaves and colleagues describe the results of their analysis of 12 microsatellite loci and the mtDNA of two kangaroo specie...

Food notes

less than 1 minute read

I’m laughing so hard it hurts:

Extinct marsupial lion in Australian rock art

less than 1 minute read

Speaking of super-predators from the past, Natural History Magazine has a short article describing Australian rock art that may depict the extinct marsupial ...

How fast to Australia?

2 minute read

Science's Michael Balter reviews the recent Cambridge conference on "Global Origins and Development of Seafaring". The article begins with a suggestion th...

What happened to the Australian megafauna?

4 minute read

Australia is well known for its unique animals. It has the most extensive diversity of marsupial mammals found anywhere in the world. Together with nearby N...