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Hunting for Dyson spheres

less than 1 minute read

From Markus Hammonds at io9: “The Hunt for Alien Megastructures”. Turns out that people are already using observational data to try to identify planet-scale ...

Transit tokens

less than 1 minute read

Jennifer Ouellette takes a timely dip into astronomical history: “Sic Transit Venus”.

Star search

less than 1 minute read

Should we begrudge the astronomers their “Lucy”?

Sneaking infrared peeks

1 minute read

The BBC reports on the initial public release of imagery from the Planck telescope, a space-based observatory of the far infrared to microwave spectrum. The ...

Moon units

less than 1 minute read

NPR has a story about public analysis of data from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter:

Museums decentering the human

1 minute read

A very interesting essay by Edward Rothstein in the NY Times special museum section: “The thrill of science, tamed by agendas”.

To the stars!

1 minute read

Razib pointed me to this really interesting article (by Lee Billings) about the search for planets around Alpha Centauri.

Archiving old data: The case from astronomy

3 minute read

I’m catching up to the news. Last week, Science carried a report by Yudhijit Battacharjee, about some astronomers’ efforts to build digital archives of old p...