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Link: The underrated takin

less than 1 minute read

This is a fun article on an underappreciated mammal: “Meet the Takin: The Largest Mammal You’ve Never Heard Of”.

First Peoples: Asia, and Australia

1 minute read

First Peoples continues tonight on PBS, with two episodes that focus on the dispersal of modern humans into Asia and Australia.

Mailbag: North and South China

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I read with interest your post on:

Denisova at high coverage

10 minute read

Science today has released the new paper on the Denisova high-coverage genome by Mattias Meyer and colleagues from Svante Pääbo’s group Meyer:Denisova:2012. ...

Afrasia djijidae: coolest monkey name ever

1 minute read

Ann Gibbons explains the importance of the new possible stem anthropoid fossil teeth from Myanmar: “Out of Asia? New Primate Fossils Pose Origin Riddle”.

Asian Homo erectus

less than 1 minute read

Homo erectus entered Asia as early as 1.8 million years ago. One of the earliest specimens of the species is the Modjokerto skull, from Java. The spread of t...

Older and younger Acheulean in India

6 minute read

Shanti Pappu and colleagues Pappu:2011 report on date estimates resulting from new excavations at the old site of Attarampakkam, India. The news element is t...

Orangutan dynamics of Borneo

7 minute read

Bornean and Sumatran orangutans are the most highly divergent subspecies within any of the living species of great apes. The two farther apart even than chim...


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Today’s sketchbook:

Ngandong interview

less than 1 minute read

Nature News has run a nice interview with Russell Ciochon about the new excavations at Ngandong, Java.

More on Tibet, demography and selection

9 minute read

My post about the Tibetan high altitude selection story last Friday summarized the research and included some criticism of the demographic model applied in t...

The Darra-i-Kur temporal bone

4 minute read

Wouldn’t it be fun to compile a list of skeletal specimens that might prove interesting for DNA analysis? Near the top of my list is the only Middle Paleolit...

Mailbag: Fire starters

1 minute read

Regarding the use of fire, Ive always been intrigued by how early Homo was able to continue its trek northward (ex. Dmanisi) without it. It would seem that a...

More X-Woman thoughts

3 minute read

I had a great session with my advanced students yesterday running through different evolutionary scenarios for the X-Woman. This and some later posts will fo...

Denisova photos

less than 1 minute read

Spiegel online has a nice slideshow including several of Johannes Krause’s photos from Denisova, and some other shots of Neandertals.

The Denisova mtDNA sequence: The X-Woman

9 minute read

In this week’s copy of Nature, Johannes Krause and colleagues Krause:Denisova:2010 report on the complete mitochondrial sequence of a pinky bone from Denisov...

It came from Guangxi

1 minute read

Science journalist Richard Stone writes in the current Science about new Late Pleistocene skeletal remains from Guangxi: “Signs of Early Homo sapiens in Chin...