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Aleut origins and relationships

2 minute read

Michael Balter last week had a news article in Science reviewing archaeological and genetic research into the origins and relationships of Aleut populations ...

Bone of the victim mastodon

1 minute read

Michael Waters and colleagues Waters:Manis:2011 report on the date of a mastodon kill site from Manis, Washington. At 13,800 years old, it’s not the earliest...

"First Americans" article

1 minute read

Scientific American’s November issue has a cover story on the peopling of the Americas, by Heather Pringle, and it has gone online for free: (UPDATE 2006-10-...

Charles Mann interview

less than 1 minute read

Razib Khan posts an interview with author Charles C. Mann, whose new book 1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created is an account of the social and eco...

"I would run screaming away"

2 minute read

This is such an incredible story about the “Clovis comet” hypothesis, I don’t know where to start: “Comet Theory Comes Crashing to Earth”.

Quote: Adovasio on Clovis

less than 1 minute read

In John Noble Wilford’s article about the new pre-Clovis archaeological site, Buttermilk Creek, Texas, James Adovasio gets the last word about advocates of t...

Quote: Boyd on New World pigmentation clines

5 minute read

I’m using some statistics out of William Boyd’s 1956 printing of Genetics and the Races of ManBoyd:1956. It gives a good accounting of blood group data known...

Havasupai DNA case links

3 minute read

Amy Harmon returned to the NY Times last weekend with a story about the court settlement between Arizona State University and the Havasupai tribe (“Indian tr...

Steve Lekson profile

2 minute read

The NY Times profiles Southwest archaeologist Steve Lekson, “Scientist Tries to Connect Migration Dots of Ancient Southwest”: