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Civic allometry

less than 1 minute read

An interesting article from Smithsonian magazine, about the mathematical study of cities: “Life in the city is essentially one giant math problem”.

The shrinking sloths of Panama

8 minute read

Anderson and Handley (2002) presented an analysis of the evolution of three-toed sloths on the islands of Bocas del Toro, Panama. These islands were part of...

The island rule

5 minute read

Mark Lomolino has been one of the central figures in recent work on body size, energetics, and evolution -- especially with respect to the evolution of body...

The incredible nonshrinking carnivores

7 minute read

The "island rule" is the prediction that small bodied animals should evolve larger sizes on islands, while large bodied animals should evolve to be smaller....

Looking for some allometry teaching aids?

2 minute read

If you're looking for something fun for students to read about allometry, then try "The Biology of B-Movie Monsters by Michael LaBarbera. It begins with the...

Evolving allometry

3 minute read

Frankino AW, Zwaan BJ, Stern DL, and Brakefield PM. 2005. Natural selection and developmental constraints in the evolution of allometries. Science 307: 718-7...