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Postmodernists are genetic determinists?

less than 1 minute read

An article in The Awl by Russell Brandom sighs disappointedly about commercially available personal genome testing (“Everything I Didn’t Learn From Taking A ...

Ancestry perspective from 23andMe

less than 1 minute read

Stanford geneticist Joanna Mountain recounts some of the experience she brings to 23andMe in her role as Senior Director of Research: “Solving mysteries via ...

Over coffee

less than 1 minute read

G: Guess what Daddy and I learned last night? I'm more Neandertal than he is!

A quick look at your Neandertal fraction

1 minute read

The 23andMe blog, the Spittoon, has a description of their new technique to use 23andMe SNPs to estimate any customer’s fraction of Neandertal: “Find your in...

Anodyne DTC genetics

1 minute read

The Wall Street Journal has an op-ed by Matt Ridley, on the topic of possible regulation of consumer genetic testing. He writes that after years of relative ...

I'm a genetic libertarian

2 minute read

Much news coming out of the FDA public meeting on direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetics. Dan Vorhaus was at the proceedings and reports on them (“Looking Ahead A...

DNA relatives

less than 1 minute read

Steve Mount works through the math of “relative finder” predictions from 23andMe (and by extension, other personal genome tests): “Genetic genealogy and the ...

Ancestry unzipped

1 minute read

One of the incredible benefits of the open source approach to genomics is that non-practitioners have a chance to see how interpretations are built. Sometime...

Sergey Brin and genetic research

6 minute read

While I was out of town, Wired ran a long article about Google cofounder Sergey Brin and his quest to find the genetic causes of Parkinson’s disease. There i...


less than 1 minute read

From Razib: “Creative destruction in the personal genomics industry?”

Common traits and GWA

2 minute read

Worth reading: Daniel MacArthur comments on 23andMe’s reporting of genome-wide associations coming from their customer surveys of traits. The skinny:

Migraine at 23andMe

1 minute read

23andMe continues its strategy to look for genetic associations of traits that escape most funding for genetic reserach. Latest: migraine:

Is your genome worth guarding?

3 minute read

Katrina Voss wrote in New Scientist a couple of weeks ago: “Your genome isn’t that precious – give it away”. After discussing legislative efforts to provide ...