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Neandertal ancestors of African populations

5 minute read

Earlier this year, Lu Chen and coworkers from Joshua Akey’s research group published an assessment of the amount of Neandertal ancestry in the genomes of pre...

Human population history makes a difference

3 minute read

Alon Keinan and Andrew Clark have a short report in the current Science examining the effects of recent human population growth on the expected spectrum of h...

More on the mutation rate

2 minute read

I’ve received several questions over the last few weeks about human genome-wide mutation rates. Some people are noticing heterogeneity in mutation rate estim...

What is the human mutation rate?

17 minute read

Last spring I wrote about a study that used whole-genome comparisons between parents and offspring to estimate the rate of per-genome mutation in humans (“A ...

Copy number variation in 1000 Genomes

5 minute read

When I wrote earlier in the week about the 1000 Genomes Project results, I mentioned that a second paper was being published in Science. That paper, by Peter...

Now for anthropological genomics

6 minute read

The first of the papers describing results from the 1000 Genomes project has been released today in Nature 1000Genomes:Nature:2010.

"Filled up with other books"

2 minute read

The 1000 Genomes Project is for people. Now, is it time for 10,000 vertebrate genomes? Erika Check Hayden reports on the idea in Nature news: