Science Pub

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Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure to be the entertainment at the first Madison Science Pub, sponsored by the Wisconsin Citizens for Science. Science Pub is to be a monthly event, on the last Sundays at Brocach pub on Capitol Square and has its own website.

I think it’s a tremendous opportunity with beer to hear about a different field of science every time. Brocach has a really great venue for the event, sort of an upstairs salon. It’s informal, with beer and completely open for left-field questions. And did I mention the beer?

The crowd posed some super-interesting questions to me. Naturally we hit all the hot issues – hobbits, Neandertal DNA, hominid origins. We spent some time talking about personalities in paleoanthropology and the role of science journalists in describing scientific debates. This was a really interesting conversation, and I took a viewpoint that I think surprised some people. I may write up some thoughts and post them later on.